The Uchina Goodwill Ambassadors

 Okinawa Prefecture has established "Uchina Goodwill Ambassadors" (hereinafter referred to as "Ambassadors") to expand and strengthen person-to-person networks between Okinawa and regions around the world, to promote international exchange and cooperation in all areas including economic, cultural, and academic fields.

Okinawa Prefecture will host the 7th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival in October this year, and we are looking for new candidates.

How to apply:
 Please send the following (1) letter of recommendation, (2) resume, and (3) documents that describe your activities (any format) to the following e-mail address or FAX by 17:00 (Japan Standard Time) on Friday, July 29, 2022 (deadline to be strictly observed).
FAX: (+81)98-866-2960

Documents to be submitted:
① Recommendation
  Recommendation (Japanese) (Word) 
  Filled in example (Japanese) (PDF)

  Recommendation (English)(Word)  
  Filled in example (English)(PDF)

  Filled in example (Español)(PDF)

② Resume
  Resume (Japanese) (Word) 
  Filled in example (Japanese) (PDF)

  Resume (English) (Word)  
  Filled in example (English) (PDF)

  Resume (Español)(Word)
  Filled in example (Español)(PDF)

Organizations that are eligible to apply:
 In principle, applicants must be recommended by a Kenjinkai or international exchange organization within or outside of the prefecture.
 Reference: Article 5, Paragraph 1 of the Guidelines for the Establishment of the Program (see below for details)
"(Method of Selection)
Article 5 The Goodwill Ambassadors shall be selected by the Governor from among those recommended by the Kenjinkai of each country/region or international exchange-related organizations within and outside of the prefecture, based on the report of the Selection Committee."

 Please note that not all recommended candidates may be selected.

About the Uchina Goodwill Ambassador
  Japanese(PDF)   English(PDF)  Español(PDF)

Establishment Guidelines
  Japanese(PDF)    English(PDF)  Español(PDF)

Reference: The 7th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival (link to external site)

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