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Ginoza village

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Introduction of Publications

Ginoza Village Office 1991 ” The History of Ginoza Village Volume 1 History Edition / Separate Volume Kinmurajin” Overseas Passage Subscript Table (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) “Roster”

Ginoza Village Office 1987 “The History of Ginoza Village Volume 2 Material I Immigration, Reclaiming, War Experience”

Ginoza Village Office 1988 “The History of Ginoza Village Vol. 4 Material II Literature Material Volume 1 and 2”
* Volume 2 contains materials related to immigration.

Ginoza Village Office 1992 “Ginoza Village Magazine Supplementary volumes Villager Album”

Materials About Immigration
・ Photographs and testimonies (published in village magazines)
・ Audio materials (We do not provide recorded services)
・ Materials (requests for calling, bags, clothes, etc.)
PhotographsTestimonyList of NamesTravel Certificate
Contact Information for Publications and Materials
Ginoza Village Museum
TEL: 098-968-4378 FAX: 098-968-8790
How to Purchase
It can be purchased at the Ginoza Village Museum. Payment is cash only.

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