AboutUchinanchu International Students Admission Program

Uchinanchu International Students Admission Program

2. Uchinanchu International Students Admission Program

(Okinawa Emigrants’ Descendants and Asian Scholarship Program)

This program selects distinguished overseas students of Okinawan descent and students from Asian countries and gives them the opportunity to study at universities, businesses, and traditional performing arts institutions in Okinawa.
In order to give a deeper understanding of Okinawa's history, culture and customs, the project provides practical experience at companies in Okinawa, and exchanges with the prefecture. By investing in the next generation, the project builds bridges and networks between Okinawa and Okinawan descendant communities and Asian countries. The purpose of this project is to contribute to international exchange between the prefecture and international students. Specifically, we have courses that allow students to learn the culture of Japan and Okinawa (traditional performing arts) and the Japanese language.


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