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Introduction of Publications

Motobu Town Folktales Volume 1 (2,000 yen), Volume 2 (2,500 yen)

Motobu Town History Materials (1-4) 2,000 yen each
* If you purchase two or more books, the price will be 1,500 yen.

Motobu Town History Brief history Edition (first volume and second volume set) 3,000 yen * Sold as a set.
Motobu Town Change and People’s Life Photobook 1,500 yen

Materials About Immigration
Contact Information for Publications and Materials
Motobu Town Museum
TEL: 0980-47-5217
Inquiries by Mail (please contact from the link below) % 88% e3% 82% 8f% e3% 81% 9b /
How to Purchase

Purchase directly at Motobu Municipal Museum

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