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Introduction of Publications

[Published issue on immigration]
“Urasoe City Immigration History Visual Version Part 1 Overseas Immigration Edition Those flies to the world from Urasoe”
“Urasoe City Immigration History Visual Version Part 2 Asia Pacific / Domestic Edition Another Experience of people from Urasoe”
“Urasoe City Immigration History Testimony / Materials ”
“ Urasoe City Immigration History Main Volume ”
* The above four books can also be viewed on UNC

[List of Urasoe City History in Each Field] = 609e7a853d59ae2434bfe75a

Materials About Immigration

If you have any questions about “Urasoe City Immigration History” or immigrants from Urasoe, please feel free to contact the Okinawanology Laboratory on the 2nd floor of the Urasoe city Library. “Urasoe City Immigration History” (4 volumes in total) is not sold, but it can be donated to related organizations such as the Kenjinkai, so please contact us if you would like to donate.

Contact Information for Publications and Materials

[Questions and inquiries regarding immigrants in Urasoe]
Urasoe cityl Library Okinawa Studies Laboratory 〒901-2114 2-2-1 Ahacha, Urasoe

[About publications other than immigration history]
Culture, Urasoe City Education Department Finance Section Cultural Properties Section 1-1-1, Ahacha, Urasoe City, Okinawa 901-2501
TEL: 098-876-1295

How to Purchase

Please contact the Cultural Properties Division for purchasing publications other than immigrant history.

<For those who wish to purchase by mail>

・ Please let us know the volume you wish to purchase (Volume number) and the number of volumes by phone or email.
・ Once the stock is confirmed, please send the book price (shipping fee not included) to the Cultural Properties Division by registered mail.
・ As soon as the registered mail arrives, we will process the shipping to the customer. In that case, the shipping fee will be borne by the customer (Yu-mail / Yu-Pack cash on delivery).
・ Please note that depending on the number of books and volumes, Yu-Mail cannot be used and will be treated as a Yu-Pack.

<Sending address for registered mail>
Same as the contact information * We do not sell immigrant history.


Okinawanology Laboratory

“Urasoe City Immigrant History” can also be viewed from the above website. There are many books related to Okinawa and Urasoe. Anyone can enter the room, but there may be restrictions depending on the number of people infected with the new corona.

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