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Okinawa Association of Peru

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Latin America(Republic of Peru)
Okinawa Association of Peru About
Membership2,356 (As of 2017)
ChairpersonMaria Luisa Kohatsu (2017 - 2018)
Organization Overview・Its president is Maria Luisa Kohatsu (2017-2018). She is the first female president in the 106 years history of the Kenjinkai.
・President is selected by elections and the term of office is 2 years. There positions for vice-president, manager and treasurer.
・The Kenjinkai has sections such as cultural, special events, youth, sports, welfare, public relations, Japanese, women, gateball club, and scholarship program coordinator.
・The old Kenjinkai Hall was located in Miro Quesada, Barrios Altos and then relocated to its present address.
・The first president was Sentei Yaki
・Purposes of the Kenjinkai are:
1. To promote the welfare of the Okinawans and their descendants in Peru and the betterment of their cultural, educational and social conditions, as well as fostering friendship and mutual aid among its members; and to provide support to the needy.
2. To maintain close contact with the motherland, and promote cultural exchange and friendly relationship.
3. To deepen mutual understanding among its members through academic, cultural and sport activities, to promote friendship between members and the Peruvian nationals, and to contribute to the development of the country.
The swearing-in ceremony of the officers for the FY2018 was held on January 6 at the Nishime Junji Hall of the Kenjinaki.
Affiliated Org.Yes
Related Org.Yes
Okinawa Association of Peru Activity contents
Description【Sports Festival】 Sport Competitions held in February.
【Okinawa Matsuri】 A festival involving food and performing arts held in the Kenjinkai precincts.
【Okinampiada】 Social interaction among the members through games, and other recreational activities.
【Keirokai】 People aged 75 and older enjoy Obento as well as a variety of Okinawan and Peruvian performances.
【Uchina Engeikai】 Minyo's students showcase their progress and skills.
【Natsumero】 Japanese old melodies are enjoyed.
【Ichariba Chode】 Held on the 1st Sunday of every month, delicious Okinawan food can be savored while enjoying Okinawan performing arts and Karaoke.
【Summer Workshop】 Held in Jan-Feb. It promotes friendship among its members through Karate, Eisa, Dance workshop.
Own scholarship programNone
Uses the OPG scholarship program
Exchange with other regionYes
Students are sent to Okinawa to study, youth exchange through Niseta Tour
Other Okinawa related matters■Facilities and organizations related to Okinawa

【AOP Building】
・Located in Av. Asturias MZ. 6 LT. 1, Ate Vitarte
【School 1283 Okinawa 】
・Located in Coop. Ramiro Priale, Lima District
・Founded with donations from Okinawa Prefecture.
【Monument of the Settlement 】 Located in the northern area of Santa Clara.
・Monument of the Okinawa Kenjinkai

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