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Ausatin Okinawa Tomonokai

Activity base
North America(United States of America/State of Texas)
Ausatin Okinawa Tomonokai About
Membership45 (As of 2017)
ChairpersonYoshiko Beckman (From 2017)
Organization Overview・Current President: Yoshiko Beckman, (From 2017); Term of office: 10 years.
・Elections are either thru recommendations or designation.
・Hold activities that displays our wonderful Okinawan culture and history.
・First President: Shigeko Sesoko Burni
・Established to show our goodwill and friendship, to promote traditional Okinawa art, culture, music and dance, and to protect our culture and heritage.
Affiliated Org.None
Related Org.1
Ausatin Okinawa Tomonokai Activity contents
Description・Perform Okinawan music and dance, Sanshin and Eisa at our annual New Year's Party.
・Join local company, school and other cultural events throughout the year.
・See an increase in membership with active participation.
・Hold monthly meetings.
・Hold Origami, History, Eisa and Sanshin classes once a month. Most of the participants are in their 50s.
・Hold tea parties and study the Okinawan dialect.
・Organize dance classes to perform at Kenjinkai parties and festivals.
Own scholarship programNone
Exchange with other regionYes
We have joint tours with other Kenjinkais in Texas.

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