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Beijing Okinawa Kenjinkai

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Asia(People's Republic of China/Beijing)
Beijing Okinawa Kenjinkai About
ChairpersonAs of 2017, to be decided
Organization Overview・First president was Mr. Koushiro Kuninaka. At the time of establishment about 10 years ago, activities were mainly conducted by students.
・Objectives of establishment was to provide a place where people not only from Okinawa but also from other prefectures as well as the locals could interact, learn about Okinawa while fostering friendship.
Beijing Okinawa Kenjinkai Activity contents
Description・Kenjinkai meetings are held regularly.
・A luncheon with the participation of 10 members was held on occasion of the visit of the Governor of Okinawa to Beijing. (2017)
・In October 2014, the Beijing Japan Chefs Association held the "Awamori Matsuri Opening Party", and also a social gathering was held by the Kenjinkai where about 10 members attended.
・In January 2015, the Japan Embassy in Beijing held an event introducing Okinawa in its cultural program.
For this event, the OPG Beijing Office, OCVB, Beijing Okinawa Kenjinkai and some companies dealing with Okinawan products cooperated in the event.
Own scholarship programYes
Currently there is no student from this Kenjinkai studying in Okinawa (limited to students stay to more than 3 months)
Exchange with other regionNone
Other Okinawa related matters【Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation Overseas Office】
・Beijing Office: Room 619, Block B, Xingfu Building, No. 3, Dongsanhuan North Road, Chaoyi District, Beijing City
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