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Costa Rica-Okinawa Kenjinkai

Activity base
Latin America(Republic of Costa Rica )
Costa Rica-Okinawa Kenjinkai About
Membership3 (As of 2017)
ChairpersonShusuke Irabu (Since establishment/term unknown)
Organization Overview・Objective of establishment is the creation of a place where Uchinanchus of Costa Rica and other part of Central and South America can interact as well as to provide information on Okinawa to the locals.
・In November 2017, the World Meeting of Blue Zones was held in Costa Rica organized by the Presidential Palace, Ministry of Health, Costa Rica Tourism Institute and other organizations. Longevity researchers from Costa Rica, Italy, Greece, US, Okinawa, Belgium and other regions attended the meeting. At the event, Karate and Sanshin were performed as part of the presentation on Okinawa culture.
Affiliated Org.None
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Costa Rica-Okinawa Kenjinkai Activity contents
Description・Activities are being held irregularly. Most of the participants are people in their 30s. They do presentations on Okinawa culture if the opportunity arises.

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