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Hawaii United Okinawa Association

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North America(United States of America/State of Hawaii)
Hawaii United Okinawa Association About
MembershipApprox. 40,000 (As of 2017)
Organization Overview・A Non-profit organization that serves as the umbrella organization for 50 member clubs.
・The organization has 1 president, 1 president elect, 3 vice-presidents, 3 scretaries, 2 treasurer, 1 immediate past president, 8 advisors, 3 club representatives and 1 executive director, making a total of 23 officers and executive council members.
・Besides the shichosonkai clubs, there are also women's organization, youth group, and groups for cultural, sports, performing arts and other activities.
・Most of the meetings are held at Hawaii Okinawa Center.
・The association was established on January 24, 1917 as Hawaii Okinawa Kenjin Doshikai (Association of Okinawans Sharing the Same Goal).
・Due to the establishment in Okinawa of the Okinawa Overseas Assocition in 1924, the Hawaii Okinawa Overseas Association was established in 1926.
・In 1951 its predecessor, the United Okinawan Association; UOA was established. At the time of establishment, its activities were mainly to provide relief to Okinawa after the war, but after that the activieites were shiflted to cultural activities.
・In 1960, a festival celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Okinawan immigration was held.
・In 1971, the Okinawa Cultural Jubilee organized by the Hui O Laulima was held. (Since 1981, it has renamed Okinawan Festival)
・Since the 1980s, efforts to discovery their Okinawan unique identity started ganining momentaum.
・In 2000, for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Okinawan immigration to Hawaii, a visiting group from Okinawa led by the gobernor attended the event.
Affiliated Org.50
Related Org.Ryukyu Dance, Eisa, Sanshin, Karate and other groups
PublicationHUOA newsletter and other publications
Hawaii United Okinawa Association Activity contents
Description【Yearly Schedule (Past Info)】
Jan. HUOA Installation Banquet and Uchinanchu of the Year
Jun. Warabi Ashibi - Children's Okinawan Cultural Day Camp
Aug. Okinawan Festival
Sep. Okinawan Festival, Autumn Dance Matsuri
Oct. HUOA Okinawa Naha Matsuri Cultural Tour
Nov. Winter Craft Fair
Dec. "Evening in Waipio" Craft Fair

【Okinawan Festival】
Held every year on Labor Day weekend, it is the biggest ethnic cultural event of HUOA and Hawaii, attracting more than 50,000 people and involving over 4,000 volunteers.
【Children's Okinawan Cultural Day Camp】
An annual event that began on Oahu in 1996. Campers (children 8 to 13) are introduced to Okinawan history, dance, language, drumming, material arts, crafts, flower arrangement, cooking and other activities.
【HUOA Craft Fairs】
Traditionally held on Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving Weekend. An event where visitors can find an awesome selection of original hand crafted products.
Own scholarship programOPG Performing Arts Scholarship, Hui Makaala Scholarship, Hui O Laulima Cultural Grants, and other programs
Exchange with other regionExchange tour organized by HUOA and travel agencies, tour to Okinawa organized by the Okinawan Genealogical Society of Hawaii, and other programs
Other Okinawa related matters・There is a radio program for Uchinanchu. KZOO Radio AM 1210 with Umichiru, on air every Sunday from 4:30-7:00pm. Offers a great selection of Okinawan music-both classic and pop, up to date news from Okinawa and upcoming community events.
・As community hall, it owns Hawaii Okinawa Center, the largest building owned by an overseas Kenjinkai. A venue for various Ryukyuan performing arts events.
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