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Since ancient times, Kyoto has been a compact city where "the same faces are always gathered in the same place to deepen friendships", and "various people have freely come and go and have free cultural exchanges." It is a cultural city. Against the background of this kind of land, in Kyoto, the prefectural associations of 44 prefectures nationwide have gathered to form the "Furusato no Gathering Federation" and are developing active prefectural association activities while interacting with each other. I will. The Kyoto Okinawa Kenjinkai also conveys the charm and vitality of traditional Okinawan culture, and is working to encourage members to have pride and those who love Okinawa to have the heart of Okinawa.

Purpose of establishment
The Kyoto Okinawa Kenjinkai was established in 1987, and this year marks the 30th anniversary. At the beginning of the establishment, it was a small prefectural association of about 20 households, and the main content of the activity was to deepen the friendship between members, but after that, the area of ​​activity was gradually expanded to Okinawa in 2008. We have established the "Kyoto Okinawa Fan Club" together with the citizens of Kyoto who have an attachment, and have come to plan and implement events to enjoy traditional Okinawan performing arts and products together. In the spirit of "Ichariba choodee", we are making efforts such as "drinking awamori together, experiencing traditional performing arts, and finally dancing Kachashi with people of all ages and genders." Although the number of members has increased slightly, I think that the number of participants is increasing every time an event is held, and the number of people who are attached to Okinawa is increasing (currently 140 members, about 3,500 Okinawa Festa participants).
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・『OKINAWA LIVE in 京都駅ビル』(8月)


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