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Miyagi Okinawa Kenjinkai

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Japan (Miyagi)
Miyagi Okinawa Kenjinkai About
Membership83 (As of 2021)
Organization OverviewWe are mainly composed by people from Okinawa, or their family. But there are also members who is not from Okinawa but agree our intent.

Term of office for the president :
2 years(Re-selection is allowed)

Selection process :
The person who was recommended is determined by agreement of members.

Establishment Background :
Dr. Kakazu (who opened Internal medicine Clinic) launched Prefecture friends association by organizing International Students from Okinawa or pioneers.
Miyagi Okinawa Kenjinkai Activity contents

Description・In April, Cherry blossom party
・In October, General Membership Meeting
・In December, Year-end party
・Others: Golf tournament

Membership Activities:
Sanshin Playing(5 teams)
Eisa(4 teams)
Ryukyu Dance(1 team)
※As far as we know
Supporting Organization: Miyagi Awamori Association(Held every November)

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