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Okinawa Yu-Yu-Kai

Activity base
North America(United States of America/State of Indiana)
Okinawa Yu-Yu-Kai About
Membership6 (As of 2017)
ChairpersonYu-Jung Lin
Organization Overview・President elections are either thru recommendations or designation.
・ 2 Vice Presidents, 1 Treasurer
・First President: Mineko Shimojo
・Our organization started as a gathering of several dance groups performing Eisa as one large group. Our group has attracted the younger generation from the beginning and gradually wider generations too. We now have a mix of generations learning Eisa, Ryukyu Dance and Sanshin.
・Our motto is to strengthen friendship and goodwill thru culture.
Affiliated Org.None
Related Org.None
Okinawa Yu-Yu-Kai Activity contents
Description・Perform at various events and facilities such as the Indy 500 Parade and Japan Festival.
・Introduced and promoted the Okinawan culture on FOX channel 59 and WTHR13.
・See a decrease in membership but we are more active now.
Own scholarship programNone
Exchange with other regionNone
Other Okinawa related mattersUchinanchus gather a lot at the Lawrence Community Park Activities Center.
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