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Asia(Republic of the Philippines)
Philippine Okinawa Society About
Membership1,800(As of 2016)
ChairpersonAkemi Teruya Eliseo (Term unknown)
Organization Overview・The Philippines-Okinawan Society (POS) was organized in January 1982, through the initiative of young Okinawans studying at Manila universities and some Okinawan businessmen to help their fellow Okinawans and their descendants in the Philippines to congregate and interact with each other.
・POS was formally registered as a non-stock, non-profit, non-political organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in July 2, 1987.
・At that time members were mainly Okinawan women who married US military, civilian personnel and Filipino stationed in Okinawa after the war. At the beginning, activities were conducted on a private level and 1982 it was decided to organize it into a more formal group.
・The primary objective of the association is the cultivation of mutual friendship among the Okinawans in the Philippines and the furtherance of their well-being. Moreover, it aims to promote international exchange especially in the fields of culture and education and the deepening of mutual understanding between the people of Okinawa and the Philippines.
・In September 2015, the 4th Worldwide Youth Uchinanchu Festival was held in the Philippines.
・In 2017, the Society celebrated its 35th anniversary with the Director of the International Exchange Division attending the ceremony
Related Org.There was a Kenjinkai in Davao
Philippine Okinawa Society Activity contents
Description【4th Worldwide Youth Uchinanchu Festival Philippines 2015】
・Held from Sep 10 to 15, 2015, about 50 participants from Philippines, Korean, US, Brazil, Bolivia, Japan and Okinawa gathered and discussed about the image of the next generation Uchina and how the Uchina Network should be built by 2025. Also, Okinawan communities in different part of the world and family trees were introduced. In the event, a film festival and study tour were conducted. The Philippine Okinawa Society cooperated with this event.
Other Okinawa related matters【Facilities and organizations related to Okinawa】
・Bago Oshiro: Located in Barangay Bago Oshiro, Tugbok, Davao City. It is the place where originally the company founded by Kozo Oshiro, Otha Development Company was located. Facilities such as the Bago Oshiro Elementary School and Bago Oshiro Barangay Hall are located there.

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