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Sydney Okinawa Kenjinkai

Activity base
Oceania(Commonwealth of Australia/Sydney)
Sydney Okinawa Kenjinkai About
MembershipApprox. 22 (As of 2016) 
ChairpersonMasami Urasaki (More than 17 years)
Organization Overview・Established as a body to organize gatherings of people from Okinawa.
・The president is selected by recommendation/appointment, and there is no restriction in the term.
・There is one vice-president.
・There are many students and people on working holiday programs from Okinawa visiting Australia, but they do not have much contact with the Kenjinkai.
Affiliated Org.None
Related Org.2
Sydney Okinawa Kenjinkai Activity contents
Description【Matsuri Japan Festival 2017】
・Has been participating in the Matsuri Japan Festival. Many Okinawan related organizations offered Okinawan products in their booths as well as performed on the stage.
【2017 New Year's Party】
About 40 people attended the event where the president reported about the 6th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival and matters related to the Okinawa Prefectural Government.
【Other Activities】
・From 2016, through the Goshu Kariyushi Kai, support has been provided to many Okinawa related events such Eisa dance practices, participation in the Matsuri Japan Festival, New Year's Party and other events.
Own scholarship programNone
Exchange with other regionNone
Other Okinawa related matters【Japanese Restaurant Dragon Boy】
・A restaurant in Sydney that serves Okinawa Soba and has displays of Bingata, Sanshin and other Okinawan items. It is also a meeting place for students from Okinawa and Okinawan people working there.
【Japanese Restaurant Daruma】
・Located near the Central Station in Sydney. Its a meeting place for the Kenjinkai members' regular meetings as well as for their social gatherings.

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