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Okinawa Association of Brazil

Activity base
Latin America(Federative Republic of Brazil)
Okinawa Association of Brazil About
Membership1700 (Head office members only)
ChairpersonEiki Shimabukuro
Organization Overview・The number of member registered with the head office of the Kenjinkai is 1700 people. It is not the total of the whole Kenjinkai which has 44 branches and members being registered with the branch of their convenience. Current president is Eiki Shimabukuro (As of 2018)
・There are councils (auditor, director, permanent director), women's group, and sections for building management, planning, financial, physical education, cultural, education, PR, and general affairs.
・There are 40 branch offices in Sao Paulo, 2 in Parana, 1 in Brasilia, and 1 in Matto Grosso (as of 2017).
・The first president was Sukenari Onaga.
・Objectives of establishments were:
1. To promote friendship among its members;
2. To conduct activities on culture, welfare, and assistance and charity;
3. To create sport projects;
4. To establish scholarship programs;
5. To maintain close contact with the motherland, and promote friendly relationship between Japan and Brazil, and contribute to the development of the Brazilian community. Specifically, promote the traditional culture of Okinawa, provide financial assistance to children who cannot afford to cover educational expenses, and conduct sports event to promote exchange among young people.
Affiliated Org.Yes
Related Org.Yes
Okinawa Association of Brazil Activity contents
Description【Vila Carrao's Okinawa Matsuri】 An event where also participate Brazilian locals.
【Sanshin's Day】An event where Okinawan performing arts are showcased, and this year will be the 13th time.
【Forum】Besides lectures and panel discussions, performances are also held.
【Gateball Competition】 A recreational activity to promote health of the members.
【Classical Okinawan Music Competition】 Participants are mainly 2nd and 3rd generations Uchinanchu.
【Uchina Play】 A special program to commemorate the establishment of the World Uchinanchu Day. About 10 artists from Okinawa also joined the event.
Own scholarship programNone
Use OPG scholarship program
Exchange with other regionYes
Exchange among young people due to participation in the scholarship program to study in Okinawa and Niseta Tour. Participation in WUB conference.
Other Okinawa related matters【Brazil Okinawan Cultural Center】
Located in Sao Paulo, it has a cultural museum, an athletic field and an Okinawan-style garden and other facilities.
【100th Anniversary of the Immigration Monument】
Erected in 2008 on Boqueirao Beach, Santos, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the immigrants.

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