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Okinawa Tomonokai of Ohio

Activity base
North America(United States of America/State of Ohio)
Okinawa Tomonokai of Ohio About
Membership340 (As of 2017)
ChairpersonJune McVey (Since 2017)
Organization Overview・The current president is June McVey (Since 2017).
The term of office is 2 years, and president is selected by elections.
・FY2017 Officers of Tomono Kai
President: June McVey
Vice-president: Kazumi Makowski
Treasurer: John Volkmar
Entertainment coordinator: Satoko Kortlandt
Trustees: Hideko Moore, Andy Lizon, Karl Kortland
Committee is organized when an event is decided.
・The purpose of this organization is to provide a forum in which people of Okinawan heritage and their spouses and families can gather to celebrate the unique Okinawan culture and to promote goodwill and friendship to enhance the understanding of Okinawan culture and heritage.
・The first president was Hatsue Bustsko.
・Its constitution and by laws are posted on their website
・Family membership $20, Single membership $15,
Second generation (single or family) $10, social membership $20
・Its 25th anniversary is planned to be held in 2020
Affiliated Org.None
Related Org.None
Okinawa Tomonokai of Ohio Activity contents
Description・Meetings and Okinawan food lunch meetings are held from once to a few times a year with most participants in their 60s.
・A dance group of 2 to 8 people performs Eisa and other dances on stage with music played by Sanshin and Taiko.
・Little children take part in the Kenjinkai activities with their parents, however, as they grow older they lose interests in the activities becoming a problem for the Kenjinkai.
・Membership has decreased as well as the activities.
・The Ryukyu Matsuri Daiko Ohio Branch performs every year at the Asia Festival in Columbus City, promoting Okinawan culture.
・Money earned by selling Okinawan food at events is part of the Kenjinkai funds.
Own scholarship programNone
Exchange with other regionNone
Other Okinawa related matters【Twin Dragon】
・Address: 7763 Tylersville Rd,Westerchester
A local restaurant where about 15 to 20 members gather for the monthly lunch meeting.

【Capital City Church】
・A place where the New Year's Party is held. It can accommodate 150 to 200 people and has gathering and performance spaces.

【Highbanks Park】
・Located in Lewis Center,Ohio, it is the venue for the annual picnic.
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