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Taiwan Okinawa Kenjinkai

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Asia(Republic of China (Taiwan))
Taiwan Okinawa Kenjinkai About
MembershipApprox. 50 (As of 2017)
ChairpersonMasahiro Kuroshima (Since 2017/ term unknown)
Organization Overview・Adults and students are members.
Membership fee: 1,000 yuan for adults and 500 yuan for students.
・Since most of the members are students or temporary residents, members change in the span of 2 to 3 years.
・President is selected by recommendation/appoitment and the term is 1 year.
・The organization has 1 vicepresident, 1 treasurer and 3 counsils.
・It was established in 1992, and its first president was Mr. Shin Shokita.
・The objective of establishment was to create a place for social gathering and to exchange information among the members.
・In September 2001, the WUB Taiwan Branch was formed.
・In 2017, a ceremony to welcome a new president took place. The previous president was in office for 25 years. The current president Mr. Kuroshima is also the contact person in Taiwan for the Yaeyama-Taiwan Shinzen Koryu Kyoukai (Friendship Association).
Affiliated Org.None
Related Org.None
Taiwan Okinawa Kenjinkai Activity contents
Description・Activities are being held more actively, and membership has increased too.
・Currently, social gatherings are being hosted once every 2 months. Meeting day and time is 2pm on the first Saturday for Feb, Jun and Oct; and 7pm on the first Thursday for Apr, Aug and Dec.
・Adults working in different areas as well as students engaged in different field of study gather to talk and exchange opinions freely on the different topics of their interests. It is a place open to anyone who wishes to join and spend a fruitful time tinged with humor in a friendly atmosphere.
Own scholarship programYes
Exchange with other regionYes
・President Kuroshima lectured 6 students from Yaeyama HS visiting Taiwan on the OPG program God Job. (Okinawa Times Feb 12, 2018 article)
Other Okinawa related matters【Facilities and organizations related to Okinawa】
・Port of Hualien (Breakwaters):Harbor construction work was conducted from 1931 to 1939.
Okinawan fishermen were mobilized to work in the harbor's breakwaters construction. This port contributed to the rapid development of the industry and transportation in eastern Taiwan.
・Ryukyu Fishermen Memorial Monument: Built in 2011 on Peace Island, Keelung. It was built hoping for peace and friendship.

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