Worldwide Uchina Network 世界のウチナーネットワーク


Worldwide Uchina Network世界のウチナーネットワーク

Worldwide Uchina Network
Worldwide Uchina Network世界のウチナーネットワーク

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Worldwide Uchina Network

More than any other prefecture, Okinawa is known for its citizens emigrating to other countries. There are estimated to be 420,000 Uchinanchu (Okinawan descendants) living overseas. On October 30th, World Uchinanchu Day is celebrated with the hope that the Uchina Network, that has grown over the years, spreads around the world and prospers. Every year around this anniversary, Okinawa themed programs take place around the world.

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Relay column of active Uchinanchu around the world

Mr. Hiroaki Yoza President of Argentina Friends Association of Okinawa

Introduction I am the Argentina Friends Association of Okinawa President, Hiroaki Yoza. Nice to meet you Background Argentina is the furthest country away from Japan. South America is exactly on the opposite side of the world from Okinawa, that’s whe...


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