AboutExchange of students studying abroad

Exchange of students studying abroad

3. Exchange of students studying abroad

◆ Taiwanese scholarship students (Ministry of Education of Taiwan’s Admission Program)

Okinawa has accepted Taiwanese international students since 1982. Reciprocating this, since 1992, Taiwan has accepted two international students from Okinawa each year. (Current name from 2005. Former “Special Ryukyus Youth Scholarship International Student, Republic of China”)


◆ Student exchange to Fujian Province China (Admission Program by Fujian Province of China)

Based on the agreement of "The 3rd Okinawa Prefecture • Fujian Province Summit" held on November 14, 1996, a program started by China’s Fujian Province accepted one international student every two years from Okinawa. The aim of the exchange is to deepen understanding of China's politics, economics and culture through acquiring the Chinese language and to contribute and promote friendship exchange between Okinawa Prefecture and Fujian Province.


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