World Uchinanchu Day Event Report – Overseas

October 30 was "World Uchinanchu Day".
Talk events and other events were held in the prefecture, and various events were also held overseas.
Here are six of them!

1. Vancouver Okinawa-ken Yuaikai
"World Uchinanchu day Halloween Bowling Tournament 2023"

Approximately 60 people participated in this year's event and enjoyed bowling and Halloween costumes, followed by an awards ceremony. Afterwards, the Vancouver Sanshin Club performed a chorus of "Teensagu no Hana", a hand dance of "Asadoya Yunta," and an eisa performance of "Tachiutsushi." The event was an opportunity to deepen friendship among the members and their passion for Okinawa through the excitement of Okinawan performing arts culture.

2. Okinawa Association of America, Inc.

We held a face-to-face potluck and online Zoom gathering. We practiced self-introductions in Uchinaaguchi and Myaaku-futsu (Miyako language), shared which village or island our ancestors were from/or what interested someone in learning about Okinawa. We also watched the 7th Worldwide Uchinaanchu Taikai DVD.

3. Sydney Okinawa Kenjinkai
"Shishimai Making"

A "Ryukyu Shishimai Making" event was held at St Leonards Park in Sydney's northern suburbs to celebrate the World Uchinanchu Day, organized by Sydney Okinawa Kenjinkai. Participants brought food, drinks, props and materials to create a Shishimai from scratch.

4. Okinawa Association of Peru
"World Uchinanchu Day"

The World Uchinanchu Day in Peru featured a municipal parade and a Hata-gashira (flag-head) contest. The Peruvian Okinawans put a lot of effort into preparing the Hata-gashira and the result was a great event. The parade was well attended and enjoyed by many.


5. Okinawa Association of Brazil

The World Uchinanchu Day event is planned and managed by the Urizunkai every year, with the Okinawa Association of Brazil in charge. This year, the stage featured performances of sanshin and Ryukyuan dance. Workshops on Bingata and Shiisa making by former Kempi students and trainees, and study sessions on traditional Okinawan culture and root finding were also held.
The Women's Association also sold Okinawan soba, sweets, and drinks.

6. Okinawan Association of Argentine
"Uchinanchu no Hi Big Fair"

We held an event "World Uchinanchu Day." There were various performances; Ryukyuan dance and Okinawan history exhibition. Also food and beverages such as Saataa Andaagii and Japanese sweets were sold, as well as pottery and books.In addition, workshops on karate, Ryukyuan dance, and shiisa making were held.

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