Sanshin Music Performance in May ”Utakata (Singers)”

【National Theatre Okinawa】
Sanshin Music Performance in May ”Utakata (Singers)”
With the desire to pass down Okinawa minyo (folk songs) to the next generation, Kazufumi Miyazawa, former member of THE BOOM, spent four years from 2012 visiting about 250 singers to produce a 17-CD box set titled “Okinawa/Miyako/Yaeyama Minyo Zenshu Utakata,” which he donated to public facilities in Japan and abroad as a not-for-sale item. This performance is the second in the “Utakata” series, which was well received in May 2018, when a wide range of singers, centering on the grandchildren of Okinawa's folk song masters and veterans, performed to show the full appeal of Okinawan folk songs. Under the arrangement and direction of Miyazawa, young accomplished singers will express their own world of Okinawan folk songs from among the Okinawan folk songs passed down in various parts of Okinawa.
Performance Date : May.14(Sat.)14:00-
Venue : National Theatre Okinawa (Large Theatre)
Ticket Prices (including tax):Adults: ¥3,500
Booking Opens:available from Apr.1(Fri.),2022
Box Office
098-871-3350 (10:00 - 18:00) in Japanese and English

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