【2021 Uchinā Goodwill Ambassador Activities Support Program Report】

Okinawa Prefecture provides support for projects conducted by Uchinā Goodwill Ambassadors by themselves with the aim of building bridges of exchange with Okinawa Prefecture.
(However, for-profit projects are not applicable)

In 2021, two groups took advantage of this program!
【1st group】
Peru/ Sugano Sato Ruben Uchinā Goodwill Ambassador

Activity Title:
"Video production on the history of gateball in Peru"

Through interviews and other means, they have compiled a 40-year history of gateball in Peru. In this 20-minute video, they introduce how their activities began and the significance of their activities.


Please take a look at the video!

Aikokai Peru Gateball (in Spanish)
Aikokai Peru Gateball (in Japanese)

AOP(Asociación Okinawense del Perú)/Peruvian Okinawa Association
AOP Gateball Aikokai

【2nd group】
Peru/ Nichols Ikuko Sandra Uchinā Goodwill Ambassador

Activity Title: Okinawan Food Culture and Covid-19

Overview: They conducted cooking classes on Okinawan cuisine such as Goya Champuruu.

About Uchina Goodwill Ambassador(ウチナー民間大使について)
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Outline for Establishing(設置要綱)
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