【Questionnaire Request for Uchina Goodwill Ambassador】

【Only for Uchina Goodwill Ambassador】

The Uchina Goodwill Ambassador system was established at the Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival held in 1990, for human-based networking. There are currently 262 Uchina Goodwill Ambassadors.   

In April 2021, the Okinawa Prefectural Government, in cooperation with JICA Okinawa, established the Uchina Network Concierge (UNC), a platform to ensure the steady transmission of the Uchina Network in Japan and abroad to the next generation.

We would like to hear your thoughts in order to improve the Uchina Goodwill Ambassador system in the future and to use as a reference for collaboration with the UNC. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

*Please answer only for Uchina Goodwill Ambassador.

1.How to answer the questionnaire: Please submit the answers to the questionnaire via
Google Forms
( ) or e-mail.

2.Submission Deadline 
Submission Period 2: November 10 to December 20, 2021


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