【Questionnaire Request for Okinawan Emigrants Descendant & Asian Scholarship Program Alumni】

Only for Okinawan Emigrants Descendant & Asian Scholarship Program Alumni

The Okinawan Emigrants’ Descendant and Asian Scholarship Program has been accepting descendants of Okinawan emigrants and international students from Asian countries since 1969. We are conducting a questionnaire of Okinawan descendants and international students who are alumni of the program to learn about your involvement in the Uchina Network and will use your responses as a reference for future initiatives to transmit and develop the Uchina Network.

 We are conducting an online questionnaire, so please tell us your current situation and thoughts. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

*Please answer only for Okinawan Emigrants‘ Descendant & Asian Scholarship Program Alumni. 

 1.How to answer the questionnaire: Please submit the answers to the questionnaire via:
Google Forms (
2.Submission Deadline
September 30 to November 30, 2021


︎Google Forms





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