Platform for the Next-Generation Succession of the World Uchinā Network Regarding the Establishment of the “Uchinā Network Concierge”

As a stable platform to pass on the World Uchinā Network, stretching both globally and domestically to the next generation, we have decided on the establishment of the “World Uchinā Network Concierge” (Here in after referred to as Concierge), and are making preparations for a start date of April 2021. 

The main function of the Concierge, in addition to handling the acceptance of participants for the Okinawan Emigrants' Descendent and Asian Scholarship Program, with the interactions with alumni of the program as its base, is to strengthen human networks between Okinawa and the world. Currently, there are only limited opportunities such as the World Uchinā Festival for the people of Okinawa to interact with those who are a part of the World Uchinā Network around the world. With this initiative, we plan to actively use SNS and hold online exchange events, and revitalize daily exchanges between Okinawa and overseas/domestic Uchinā Network members.

The Concierge, through various initiatives, while bringing together members of the World Uchinā Network, we will make every effort for this to be a platform everyone will want to visit when they are in Okinawa, so please try and actively make use of it.


Regarding the Uchinā Network Concierge

1. Operating Organization
Joint Venture for the Next-Generation Succession of the World Uchinā Network
※A joint venture of  the World Youth Uchinanchu Association(WYUA) and Japan Overseas Cooperative Association(JOCA)

2. Location ※In Preparation
1143-1, Aza Maeda, Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture 901-2552
JICA Okinawa Center (JICA Okinawa)
※A five minute walk from the Okinawa Urban Monorail “Kyozuka Station”.

3. Main Functions
(Function 1) Inheritance of Human Networks
1) Core human resource development focused on Okinawan Emigrants' Descendent and Asian Scholarship Program (Alumni included)
2) Creation of an Active Database linked to SNS (etc.)

(Function 2) Arrogation and Dissemination of Information
1) Disseminate multilingual information through SNS and the WEB 
2) Aggregation of information related to Uchinā around the world.

(Function 3) Promotion of Exchange Activities
1) Promotion of Exchange through SNS 
2) Hosting of Online Events  

(Function 4) Consultation Desk
1) Coordination with connected organization in Japan and overseas. 
2) Multi-lingual consultation services.  

(Function 5) Promotion of Historical Succession
1) Collect information on people, documents, and items related to migrant history
2) Cooperate with relevant organizations for the succession of important documents and items related to migrant history.  

4. Contact Info ※Contact by Telephone is Currently Being Set-up

Mail: info1★  (Replace ★ with @)
※For WEB、SNS we are using the Worldwide Uchina Network/WUN website operated by the Okinawa Prefectural Government.

Going forward for questions regarding the Okinawan Emigrants' Descendent and Asian Scholarship Program, the consultation desk has been changed from Okinawa International Exchange and Human Resource Development Foundation to the Concierge. ​Therefore, if you have any questions please contact the Concierge.

⇒Mail:info1★  (Replace ★ with @)


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