To Overseas Kenjinkai Interested in the 2021 “World Uchinā Network Enhancement Promotion” Okinawa Performing Arts Instructor Dispatch Program!

1.About the “World Uchinā Network Enhancement Promotion” Okinawa Performing Arts Instructor Dispatch Program
 The program aims to support overseas Kenjinkai who will be holding events related to "World Uchinānchu Day" by dispatching instructors from the diverse and beautiful world of Okinawan performing arts. By offering a support system, Okinawa Prefecture hopes to better promote Okinawa’s appeal as well as perpetuate, develop, and strengthen relationships with overseas Kenjinkais.

1) Establishment and raising awareness of "World Uchinānchu Day" (event-related support)
2) Expansion of cultural initiatives as related to overseas Kenjinkai and the Uchinā Network
3) Fostering interest in Okinawan culture within overseas Kenjinkai members and related persons, especially among the younger generation

3.Program Content 
Okinawan performing arts instructors are dispatched in accordance with a "World Uchinānchu Day Commemorative Event" organized on or around October 30th, 2021 "World Uchinānchu Day " by an overseas Kenjinkai in order to foster a connection between said Kenjinkai and Okinawa, and provide a foundation for the Kenjinkai to continue to organize similar such events. In 2021, due to the uncertain situation presented by COVID-19, we will not dispatch instructors, but will provide remote instruction using video conference applications and videos.

1)Instruction period: approximately 10 days 
  (will vary based on budget constraints and instruction method)
2)Genres of instructors: Eisa, Sanshin, Ryukyuan dance, etc
3)Number of instructors: 1 to 2 (will vary by budget constraints)
4)Details: in addition to performing arts instruction, performing together at the events,  participation in events proposed by overseas Kenjinkai is also considered
5)Method of Instruction: Utilize video streaming, web conference systems (ZOOM, etc.), and other formats based on the requests of the overseas Kenjinkai 

*See Midterm Report for more information

4.Required Documents, Application Deadline
   Application Guideline *Please see the Application Guideline for detailed information on how to apply, eligibility, etc.
(1)Required Documents
         ①Application Form (form provided)
     ②"World Uchinānchu Day Commemorative Event Proposal Form (form provided)
     ③ Statement of reasons
(2)Application Deadline: Must arrive by 17:00 (Japan time) April 26 (Mon),     2021
(3)Contact information for submission
   〒900-8570 1-2-2 Izumizaki (5th floor), Naha, Okinawa, Japan
   Attn: Kazuko Ishiki,
   Okinawa Prefecture Dept. of Culture, Tourism, and Sports
   International Exchange Division
      TEL: 098-866-2479  FAX: 098-866-2960

(4)Submission method
           Please send the required forms by e-mail.

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