2020 Uchina Junior Study Program:Notification of the Cancellation

In December of 2019 we announced applications (recommendations) for the 2020 Uchina Junior Study Program. However, due to the spread of Novel Corona Virus within Japan and across the globe, we deeply regret to announce its cancellation.

The reasons of cancellation are as follows:

1. For the acceptance of participants from overseas, in addition to their being a large variety of travel routes, there are no chaperones, as such there is a high risk in the reception of youth participants.

Further, at the start and the end of the program, due to countries entry and exit suspensions, it is predicted that travel will become very difficult. Specifically, if participants are unable to return to their home country, they would rely on their host families for place to stay within the prefecture and the extension of that stay for a long period of time would be difficult.

2. While postponement of the program until September was discussed, in addition to the difficulty of coordination due to how school schedules differ per country, due to the two week length of the program, for participants from within Okinawa prefecture, carrying out the program during any period other than summer vacation would be difficult.

Following the containment of the Novel Corona Virus, we plan to restart the Uchina Junior Study Program from the 2021 year on, and would humbly ask for your continued cooperation.

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