Build the bridge with Fujian and Okinawa

Okinawa Prefecture has accepted 31 international students from Fujian Province China, a friendship , since 1995, but since there was no alumni association of students who had studied abroad in Okinawa, they were not able to make use of their experiences after returning home.

In South America and other parts of the world, international student alumni associations are active in promoting Okinawan culture and history, playing an important role in the continuation of the Uchina Network. Fujian Province, as a member of the "Global Uchina Network," is expected to make similar efforts, so a ceremony to establish the Fujian Okinawa International Student Alumni Association and the gathering were held online. In addition, since Fuzhou, Quanzhou, and Xiamen have exchange programs with Naha, Urasoe, and Ginowan as sister cities, we invited them to join this association.

The ceremony, held on March 16, included an explanation of the background to this event and greetings from various related organizations and former international students in both Japanese and Chinese.

Moderator: Rina Tamaki/UNC , Binjin Xiao/CIR (Coordinator for International Relations) 
Number of participants: 28

The exchange gathering held on March 20 included a time for participants to introduce themselves to each other and  quizzes about Okinawa and Fujian.

Moderator: Rina Tamaki/UNC , Binjin Xiao/CIR (Coordinator for International Relations) 
Number of participants: About 45 people

In the future, we plan to collaborate with the Okinawa-Fujian Province exchange group "Imo no Kai" to strengthen our network.

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