Receiving congratulations from South America on World Uchinanchu Day! –World Uchinanchu Day Project “KIZUNA”–

Young people who came to Okinawa from South America as trainees or overseas students were gathered to send a wonderful congratulation video to us!!

Peru’s Kimutaka (overseas students alumni association) took the lead in gathering other alumni from four other countries in South America. Around a hundred young people participated to celebrate World Uchinanchu Day. Let us share the heartwarming messages received from South America♪

【Overseas student alumni associations from 4 countries in South America】

Peru: Kimutaka

Brazil: Urizun

Argentina: Okiryukai

Bolivia: Rekios

【A message from World Uchinanchu Day Project “KIZUNA”】

About a hundred South American overseas students and trainees from 1991 to now were gathered for this special project to celebrate the World Uchinanchu Day!!!

In this video, we wanted to show you what we’ve learned and the “Kizuna” (bond) we gained while we were in Okinawa through dance performance. We are all associated with Okinawa and Uchina Network enables to connect us all. We are grateful to have the opportunity to know about Okinawa.

We are proud to be Uchinanchu!


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