2018 Kaiho Yoshu Network Building Program in California

From August 11 to 20, 10 students from Okinawa flew to California to homestay with members of the Okinawa Association of America (OAA) as part of the 2018 Kaiho Yoshu Network Building Program, organized by Okinawa Prefecture’s International Exchange Division.

    The students created friendships and connections with the kenjinkai members through several different activities, such as visiting the Japanese American National Museum, participating in the annual Nisei Week Parade, volunteering at the OAA building, and meeting and discussing with local Uchinanchu youth.

   For more information about the program and details of the students’ experiences this year, check out the Kaiho Yoshu Network Building Program Facebook page.

Japanese American National Museum

Nisei Week Parade

Volunteering at the OAA

Baseball game

OAA's Uchinaaguchi class

Young Uchinanchu gathering

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