Making Okinawa Soba in Argentina!

Have you ever made Okinawa Soba?

Including the noodles too!!

At the end of last month, a class of making Okinawa Soba (including noodles) was held for Okinawa-Argentinian students who attend Japanese language schools.

Every Saturday, students learn Japanese as well as experiencing Japanese culture, and this time it was making Okinawa Soba!

This project was suggested by Akamine-san, who studied Okinawan cuisine in Okinawa as a prefectural funding exchange student. Akamine-san wanted to do something with children back in Argentina, so the idea was passed to the organizer!

Aragaki-san, a trainee of Okinawa emigrants' descendent in Haebaru Town, and Sakuta-san in Urasoe City, also a trainee of Okinawa emigrants' descendent, joined to help the event.

It is incredible to see Okinawan emigrants spreading their knowledge after returning home!

Children from the age of 7 to 15, about 30 children all showed a smile!

Their Okinawa Soba looks so good that will make your stomach growl!

FYI, October 17th is a Day of Okinawa Soba♪


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