Call for Volunteers!

Event: Uchina Festival
Date: Saturday, October 21, 2017 @ noon
Location: American Legion: 1165 River Road, Edgewater, N.J. 07020
Anyone is welcomed!

The festival is going to be a lot of fun. It will also unite our local community. At the festival we will have Okinawan food, Okinawan drinks, games for kids, Okinawan dance, taiko, sanshin, karate, and other activities.

A) Please choose from below your best Uchina dish and bring it to the event.
1. Rafute (pork rib)
2. Vegetable chanpuru (Goyah and leaf vegetable stir-fry)
3. Andansu Miso (Okinawan pork miso)
4. Nbusa (stew)
5. Rice (white rice, brown rice)
6. Kubu irichi (konbu stir-fry)
* Please contact us if you have any other ideas on Uchina dishes that would be good in obento.
* Each obento will be $10 for all the participants.
* The dishes below could be sold separately, not as a part of obento:
7. Sata andagi (Okinawan doughnut)
8. Yuca mochi (Peruvian mochi)
9. Okinawa soba
10. Pork and egg onigiri
11. Jushi (seasoned rice)

* Please contact us if you think of any other dishes that would be good for sale.

B) Drinks: Orion beer, awamori, soda, water, tea, coffee, etc.

C) Stage: Okinawan performances and other cultural performances

D) Games for kids: We welcome any Okinawan traditional games

E) Others: Please contact us if you think of any other ideas.

20. Check-in counter
21. Volunteers in charge of Making food, and putting food into obento box (a few people)
22. Volunteers in charge of drinks
23. Decoration of the venue
24. Volunteers in charge of kids' games
25. Volunteers in charge of sound and lighting at the venue, etc.

Let us know if you think of anything else.
This is going to be the last Uchina Festival.
Let's deepen our understanding of the unique Uchina culture and have a great time in it.
This event will also be a fund raising opportunity for our organization.
Let's come together and make it into a great success!

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