\Reiwa 4 (2022) Uchinā Goodwill Ambassador Activities Support Program/

Okinawa Prefecture provides support for projects conducted by Uchinā Goodwill Ambassadors by themselves with the aim of building bridges of exchange with Okinawa Prefecture.
*(However, for-profit projects are not applicable)

<Qualifications to Apply>
Eligibility is extended to all certified Uchinā Goodwill Ambassadors who will continue to be Goodwill Ambassadors throughout the period during which they will undertake the supported activities.

<Subsidy rate and amount>
Within a set total budget, the prefecture shall provide support grants to cover up to two-thirds (values of less than one thousand yen (¥1,000 are rounded down.) of the costs of the supported activity.
・Support grants are limited to four hundred thousand yen (¥400,000) per grant.

The following expenses, which may be incurred by activities stipulated in the previous article, are exempt from support
・ Cost of food and drink
・Cost of gifts or souvenirs
・Cost of activities that should ordinarily be covered by the kenjinkai or other organizations.

<Schedule from application to grant subsidy>
-Oct 1st-Dec 10th
Application period/Submission
Applications are Evaluated and the Determination of Grant Recipients is Made
April: Project Start
*Must be implemented by December.
*Reports Must be Submitted within 30 Days of the Projects Completion
Deadline End of December

*After Receipt of the Report, the Grant Amount will be Finalized and Transferred.

<Application Document
Grant Application (Form 1)
Grant Application Separate Document (Form 1-2)

【Contact Info】
Uchinā Network Concierge(UNC)
The person in charge: Higa/Kinjo



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