First training for planning the World Uchinanchu day

In late June, we held a training session on how to begin planning the World Uchinanchu Day.
(Operated by Uchina Network Concierge)
First, Ms. Higa of Uchina Network Concierge, explained about the Uchina Network and the purpose of the training.

Next, we invited Mr. Munehiro Machida, Professor Emeritus of Ryukyu University, who gave a lecture on the history of immigration to Okinawa.
One participant said, "I was surprised that there are reasons other than poverty for immigrants. I would like to know why there are so many reasons other than poverty for immigrants."

We then invited Bruno Teruya, a third-generation Okinawan from Brazil, and Satoru Higa, a third-generation Okinawan from Bolivia, to speak online.

Bruno Teruya studied in Okinawa as a Prefectural Scholarship student in 2018 and as a JICA Japanese American trainee in 2022. Since returning to Japan, he has been active as the president of the Urizunkai, an alumni group of prefectural international students.

Satoru Higa teaches Japanese language and sanshin at the Okinawa First Nichibo School in Colonia Okinawa, an Okinawan settlement in Bolivia.

In the next issue, we will finally start making plans for the World Uchinanchu Day on October 30.
Using what we have heard from our two guests, we will consider how we can make the World Day of Uchinanchu more exciting!

Professor Emeritus, University of the Ryukyus
Mr. Munehiro Machida

・Brazilian Okinawan descendent 3rd generation
 Bruno Hitoshi Teruya

・Bolivian Okinawan descendent 3rd generation
    Satoru Higa

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