The 1st of Next Generation Uchina Network Training

Let's Learn, Connect, and Creat Connections!
We're looking for members for Next Generation Uchinanchu Network.

UNC project "Uchina Network Human Resource Development Lecture in 2022" was conducted.
This training was held face to face and was attended by 11 students and adults in Okinawa.

Next, Higa from Uchina Network Concierge, confirmed the purpose of this training and explained about Uchina Network.

Through this training, we aim to increase the number of talented people interested in the Uchina network and hope that participants will become involved in exchange events themselves.

Next, Mr. Munehiro Machida, Professor Emeritus of University of the Ryukyus, gave a lecture on the history of Okinawan immigrants.

After the history lecture, participants deepened their learning by asking each other questions with Mr. Taira and Ms. Ishigaki of Sabira Corporation as facilitators.

Participants varied from those already involved with Uchina Network to learning about Okinawan immigrants for the first time, giving the impression of a lively exchange of opinions after listening to the lecture.

The second training session will be a fieldwork at the Haebaru Cultural Center with Okinawa Kempi students, followed by a workshop on Uchina Network!

The 2nd of Next Generation Uchina Network Training

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