The 2nd of Next Generation Uchina Network Training

The 2nd of Next Generation Uchina Network training was held with Okinawa Kempi students (of Okinawan Emigrants’ Descendant and Asian Scholarship Program).

In the morning, fieldwork was conducted at the Haebaru Cultural Center.
On this day, participants learned about the history of Okinawan immigration through exhibits and videos.

After that, Ms. Tsugiko Taira, curator at the Haebaru Cultural Center, gave a lecture on immigrants in Haebaru and Okinawa.

We were able to learn about the stories of the immigrants at the time of their arrival, and the connections between Okinawa and Uchinanchu around the world.

In the afternoon, Mr. Taira and Ms. Ishigaki from Sabira Corporation facilitated the training at JICA Okinawa Center. We outputted what we learned in the morning.

First, we were introduced to "Uchina Network of Kempi Students and participants from Okinawa". This time, we had talks from Okinawa Kempi students Wreyn Waniya (from Hawaii) and Mariela Goya (from Argentina), as well as Inafuku Masashi, who is participating as a staff member from the Okinawa.

Next, participants and Kempi students formed groups to workshop why the Uchina network is important.
It was an impression that was felt differently from the Okinawan and international perspectives.

We then worked on creating a plan to build Uchina Network.

Finally, each team presented their plans.

After their presentations, participants got some comments from Kempi students.

The 3rd training will be a group work.
The details of each project will be presented in the next article.
We hope you'll like it!

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