2021 OKINAWA KEMPI Presentation & Ceremony of completion

2021 OKINAWA KEMPI Presentation & Ceremony of completion was held on March 9th.

●Date and Time: Wednesday, March 9th, 2022, 10a.m.~11a.m.

●Venue: JICA Okinawa Center (Online distribution via Zoom)

●Visitors: (face-to-face) 23, (zoom) 12

 This year, due to the Covid-19, the duration was reduced to six months and two students from Bolivia were accepted.

 At the Presentation & Ceremony of completion, the two international students presented the results of what they had experienced and learned throughout the six months. The presentation was heard not only by those involved in the event, but also by the Bolivian Association of Okinawa Prefecture and their families via Zoom.

Mai Nakamura, enrolled at Okinawa International University, presented what she learned about Okinawan culture while studying Japanese. The peace study at the Himeyuri Peace Memorial Museum and the Haebaru Cultural Center, which she visited as part of the training program, left a particularly strong impression on her. Since there are few opportunities to learn about the Battle of Okinawa in Bolivia, she expressed her desire to "bring back what I learned this time and tell as many people as possible about it, to get them interested in Roots Okinawa."

Kaito Maeshiro, enrolled at the University of the Ryukyus, presented what he learned about not only Japanese language but also Okinawan culture and animal husbandry. In animal production, through on-the-ground training, he had a variety of experiences such as grass planting, castration and horn cutting, and outside the classroom he also cleaned barns and put cattle and pigs up for auction, which he said was a valuable experience. He expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "I hope to apply Bolivia what I have learned about animal husbandry here, and I want to cherish a connection with Okinawa."

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