First half of the 3rd session of Uchina Junior Study

From July 22 to 27, the third study program of the Uchina Junior Study Project was conducted online.

This time, in addition to listening to lectures, participants had time to research and present on the theme in advance.

On the first day, the themes were sanshin, sanban, and Ryukyuan songs!
Presentations by Ms. Nagahama, Mr. Akamine, and Mr. Higa! We were surprised that the three of them researched and presented in detail about the difference between Shamisen and Sanshin.

Next,  Okinawa Sanshin Production Cooperative gave the lecture about Sanshin, Sanba and Ryuka

Mr. Nakamine, the secretary general, told us about the history of sanshin, types of sanshin and how they are made, and what the sanshin cooperative is working on.

 In Okinawa, the body of the sanshin has always been made from the skin of python imported from Asia, and that three or four sanshin bodies can be made from one snake. It's very big😵😵

Next, Mr. Wada and Ms. Arakaki taught us how to play the sanban.
三Sanban was made from bamboo until the 1950s, but now sanban is made from hard materials left over from sanshin production, and the sound has become more diverse.

Mr. Nakamine, Mr. Wada, and Ms. Arakaki, We learned a lot about sanshin, san-ita, and other aspects of Okinawan music. Thank you very much!

On the second day, participants Ms. Farrow, Ms. Maki, and Ms. Kudeken gave a presentation on "Peruvian Food Culture"! Ms. Farrow has roots in Peru, and she talked about her family's food culture.

After that, we connected Peru and Bolivia online. Peruvian participants, Mr. Arakaki, Ms.Taira, and Youth Leader, Ms.Murata, prepared a video to introduce the city of Peru and the Okinawa Kenjinkai. In Bolivia, Ms. Tamamoto, former WYUA representative, introduced the life in the Colonia Okinawa settlement.

The second day started at night time in Okinawa, so it was early morning overseas, and overseas participants had to participate voluntarily due to the time difference. However, there were many participants from overseas.

The third day was the "Shimakutoba" program.
First, participants Ms.Ueda and Ms.Nomoto gave a presentation! They were a pair of high school students and a junior high school student. The instructor, Mr.Uema, was very impressed with their presentation.

Mr. Uema, the instructor, is a Uchinanchu from Brazil!
He also took on the role of Portuguese interpreter tutor, and today he taught us the history and self-introduction of "Uchinaaguchi"!
Ippe nifee deebiru (Thank you very much)

Second half of the third session of this program

The secound session of this program

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