Second half of the third session of Uchina Junior Study

During the last July 22-27, the third study program of the Uchina Junior Study Project was conducted online.

On July 25, the fourth day of the program, all overseas participants joined in!
Mr. Wada, who also taught us how to play the Sanshin and Sanba on the first day of the program, served as our lecturer and talked about "Music of Okinawa.

Domestic participants were asked to submit their Ryukyuan songs as homework beforehand!
There were so many great Ryukyuan songs that made us smile and reminded us of what's important!

After that, we had two group ; one is to play Sanshin and the other is to make Ryuka. Sanshin performance of "Tinsagunu no Hana" on the sanshin and a group work to make a Ryukyuan song.

The theme of the Ryukyuan songs was "Uchina Junior Study 2021".
Here are the Ryukyuan songs created by the three groups

"Natsuiropoloshirt kokoro wa hitotsu ni bunka wo manande katarisugou (Summer color polo shirts, our hearts are united, let's learn the culture and pass it on)
"Furusato no rekishi bunka wo daiji ni sekai ni hasshin network(The history and culture are important and transmit to the world network)"
" Uchina nu rekishi uta no shami ni nose kaigai no hito ni todoke tabori (The history of Uchina, delivered to people overseas in the form of a song, to overseas people"」

With the help of the interpreter tutors, the participants created the original ryuka, and they sang it along "tinsagunu no hana" at the end of program..

One of overseas participant said
"I really enjoyed the lecture on Okinawan music and had fun learning how to play the sanshin. I want to thank Wada Sensei for the lecture and leading the sanshin portion of the session."

Due to the time difference, the overseas participants left at this point.

The domestic participants stayed and Ms. Kohatsu, the cultural director of the Peruvian Okinawa Kenjin Kai, who is working to pass on Okinawan culture, and introduced the "Irei no hi (Memorial Day)" activities.

Some of the participants said that they wanted to do their best after learning about the efforts of the Peruvian Okinawa Prefectural Association, which is far away from Okinawa, to pass on Okinawan culture and peace.

Thank you, Mr. Wada and Ms. Kohatsu!

On the fifth day, July 26, we had the SDGs workshop. With Mr. Inazumi of JOCA as our instructor, we discussed "Okinawa we want to leave to the future.

After that, we welcomed Ms. Riho Yamaguchi and had a workshop to create "Okinawa Town of the Future".

Both of them created an atmosphere that made it easy for the students to present their ideas. Even participants who had never presented in front of a crowd before were able to express their opinions!
Thank you very much, Mr. Inazumi and Ms. Yamaguchi!

On the last day, July 27, we had a presentation on "Food Culture in Argentina" by Ms. Kiyokawa, who was as smooth and well-researched as if she was watching a TV program! Ms. Higa, a staff member from Argentina, was also surprised.

Next was the program planned by Ms. Nakahama, the domestic youth leader. Ms. Nakahama was very attentive to the feelings of the participants and proposed an exchange program. Both staff and participants enjoyed the program.

Then we had the discussion program for August 15. And at the end of the program, we reflected on our personal growth. Since the month-long session was only online, we were a little worried about whether the participants would be able to look back on their own, but we were all impressed by the way they discussed their self-evaluation and the evaluation of others on their own.

We were able to catch a glimpse of the participants' growth during the one-week program. Thank you to all the instructors and people involved for their cooperation!

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