The 2nd session of Uchina Junior Study 2021

The second study program of the Uchina Junior Study Project was held online last July 10-11.

On the first day, the program was for domestic participants to get in touch with the thoughts and feelings of Japanese Americans and to interact with them!

We started with a workshop called "Saori's Learning" with Ms. Shinzen from Okinawa NGO Center. The workshop was based on the actual experience of a third-generation Japanese Peruvian, and it was a time to think about how to live together with people of different cultural backgrounds.

Next, The gathering with the tutors and four interpreters of this project! The MC was Ms.Kinjo from WYUA who had prepared for this day with many meetings!

First, an ice breaking game ! We had a shopping experience, etc. The feelings of first generation immigrants and the experience of living in a different culture will be useful for the next day's interaction with overseas participants.

Next, we listened to the tutors talk about their reasons for living in Okinawa, their thoughts on Okinawa, and their current efforts.

What a picture of her ancestors from over 120 years ago!

Sanshin, a memento of his grandfather's trip to Brazil

All participants were intrigued by the stories of each of the four!

After that, we split into teams and discussed the rules within the teams, and the first day ended.

On the second day, participants from overseas joined us to introduce "Family Tree" to each other.

The participants were given a preliminary task. Participants were asked to create their own original "Family Tree" by asking about their family history and drawing pictures and illustrations.

In the process of researching beforehand, they were able to have more conversations with their families and make new discoveries.

Some participants found out that they have roots in the Philippines, and some teams found common ground among the participants.

After the program, the secretariat of the 7th World Uchinanchu Festival  informed overseas  participants about "Art contest"

Due to the time difference, the overseas participants left at this point.

The domestic participants stayed and took part in a workshop on the theme of "Discussion".

There were a lot of opinions! In the next training session, the participants will be able to further deepen their discussions based on these opinions.

Thank you to Ms. Shinzen of the Okinawa NGO Center for teaching the workshop, to the tutors who shared their experiences and thoughts. Thank you to the families of the participants who helped us make the Family Tree!

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