Okinawa prefecture is collecting information on materials.

【Those footprints, are our treasures.】
Letters, Photos, Passport,,,
The footprints of immigrants who went across the sea from Okinawa, connect heart together for Uchinanchus living now and will be a guide the way toward a brighter future.
Even if it seems personal and little things, those footprints are so much important to know the history of “The Uchinanchus around the world.”
Please contact us if you have small but valuable things.

【Applicable Materials】
・Passport/Certificate of identity
・Photo, VHS Tape/Film
・Letter, Planner. Diary
・Household/Rites, Festival advertisements/Bulletin

【Feel free to contact us】
・Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any concerns about the materials.
・We will inform you of unreadable Japanese materials.
・We will introduce you to applicable institutions for donation materials.

【Contact details for inquiries】
Uchina Network Concierge (UNC)
Operating Organization
Joint Venture for the Next-Generation Succession of the World Uchinā Network
※A joint venture of the World Youth Uchinanchu Association(WYUA) and Japan Overseas Cooperative Association(JOCA)
Okinawa prefecture is collecting information on materials.

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