World Uchinanchu collaboration Special Design

World Uchinanchu collaboration Special Design
As a thank you for answering the questionnaire
to Alumni of Okinawan Kempi students
Background images for online meetings and smartphones
 We gave it as a gift
◆Artist introduction◆
○ Lisarisa studio From USA
"LISARISA is a studio of illustrator and graphic designer, Lisa Ledbetter. She is an Uchinanchu artist who’s inspired by the beauty of her homeland, and wishes to spread the rich Okinawan culture to you through her original designs and goods.”
○ Anry From Bolivia
Third-Generation Okinawan. She was alumni of Okinawan Emigrants’ Descendant & Asian Scholarship Program in 2012 and studied art at Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts for a year. She is still active as an illustrator and designer.

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