【To overseas Kenjinkai members】Now Accepting Applications for the 2023 “World Uchina Network Enhancement Promotion” Okinawa Performing Arts Instructor Dispatch Program

1.About the “World Uchina Network Enhancement Promotion” Okinawa Performing Arts Instructor Dispatch Program
 The program aims to support overseas Kenjinkai who will be holding events related to "World Uchinanchu Day" by dispatching instructors from the diverse and beautiful world of Okinawan performing arts. By offering a support system, Okinawa Prefecture hopes to better promote Okinawa’s appeal as well as perpetuate, develop, and strengthen relationships with overseas Kenjinkai.

1) Establish and raise awareness of "World Uchinanchu Day" (event-related support)
2) Expansion of cultural initiatives as related to overseas Kenjinkai and the Uchina Network
3) Foster interest in Okinawan culture within overseas Kenjinkai members and related persons, especially among the younger generation

3.Program Content
 On and around October 30, 2023, Okinawan performing arts instructors will be dispatched in accordance with a "World Uchinanchu Day Commemorative Event" that is organized by an overseas Kenjinkai. Through the dispatch, Okinawa prefecture will foster a bond between said Kenjinkai and Okinawa and support the overseas Kenjinkai so that the Kenjinkai will be able to take initiative and continuously hold "World Uchinanchu Day" events.
Although Okinawan performing arts instructors are currently scheduled to be dispatched to overseas Kenjinkai in 2023, depending on the COVID-19 situation, the dispatch may be subject to change to remote instruction.

4. Submission method
(1) Required Documents:
Submit application forms by e-mail by the deadline, while referring to ① and ② below.
Reference: ① Application GuidelinesQ&A
(2) Application deadline: Must arrive by 5pm Friday, March 24, 2023 (JST)
(3) Submission method
Please send the required forms by e-mail. E-mail:

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