3rd Practical Spanish Beginner Course ~Learning Spanish and the History and Culture of Okinawan who immigrated to Latin America ~

¡Hola! Hello everyone!

We, UNC held the 3rd Practical Spanish Beginner Course on Wednesday, July 12!

For this third course, in addition to instructor Andres Higa, we discussed cultural and Spanish differences with Erika Miyagi, an Uchinanchu who was born and raised in Bolivia.

The theme of this time was "Food of Immigrant Destinations," so the participates learned about the cuisine eaten in Latin America. Then we practiced how to actually order in a restaurant in Spanish.

After that, instructors had an introduction to the differences in Spanish by Andres vs. Erika!

First round was the different words used for the same meaning!
For example, a car is called "Coche" in Argentina and "Carro" in Bolivia.

In the second round was the same words  but read differently!
For example, "Llaves" (key) is called "Jáves" in Argentina, and "Yáves" in Bolivia.

The participants were very interested in what they heard!

Please look forward to the 4th Spanish Beginner Course as well!


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