4th Practical Spanish Beginner Course ~Learning Spanish and the History and Culture of Okinawan who immigrated to Latin America ~

¡Hola! Hello everyone!

We, UNC held the 4th Practical Spanish Beginner Course on Wednesday, July 19!

In the 4th as final course, participants were asked to present in pairs what they liked about their hometown and why. They each introduced a local food or place.

The second half of the day was titled "Tiempo de Yuntaku" (Time to chat), and Instructor Andres and other members answered the questions that participates had asked before.

We received questions about Spanish, such as "Is there anywhere I can learn more Spanish?," as well as questions about the Uchina Network, such as "What was life like for the people who emigrated?," "I want to know more about the Okinawa in Bolivia."

Some asked for recommendations for Spanish songs to help them learn Spanish. We not only introduced some Spanish songs, but also we introduced surprisingly familiar Spanish songs that was used in a Japanese TV commercial!

In all the courses, we could feel they want to learn more, and want to know more.

Thank you very much for your participation.
We look forward to seeing everyone again.
¡Nos vemos! See you soon!


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