【Accepting applications】The 40th Anniversary of the Foundation ICLC Uchinanchu Youth Scholarship Program

News from ICLC !

The foundation of ICLC(International Center for Language and Culture) began 40 years ago with the teaching of Japanese to the Nikkeis of Okinawan descent.

By providing knowledge about the culture and language, we have prepared students to join and adapt to Okinawan and Japanese society.

To celebrate this 40th anniversary, we have launched a scholarship program for the Nikkei Uchinanchu, both to contribute to the development of the future uchinanchu network, and for scholarship recipients to deepen their knowledge of Okinawan culture and its roots.

Submit application documents:
2023 DEC 15 (Fri)~2024 JAN 31 (Wed) 24:00 (Japan Time)

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