Governor Denny Tamaki’s Press Conference on the preparation of the World Uchinanchu Center

On Wednesday, January 31, Denny Tamaki Governor of Okinawa Prefecture held a press conference regarding the preparation of the "World Uchinanchu Center (provisional name)”.

The location is planned to be within the "Marine Town MICE Area" straddling the towns of Nishihara and Yonabaru town.
The center will be a facility with four functions: Exchange Center, Collection and Exhibition of Materials, Learning and Dissemination, and Consultation Desk.

Since the MICE facility is also to be used, it will be possible to hold the opening and closing ceremonies of the "Worldwide Uchinanchu Featival" and other exchange events!

The center is expected to serve as a symbol in Okinawa, the birthplace of immigrants, and as a "Mutuya ( the head house or head family in Uchinaguchi) ", a great place to lean on for the worldwide Uchinanchu, leading to the succession and development of the "Uchina Network.

2024.1.31 Press Conference by Governor Tamaki on the World Uchinanchu Center(written in only Japanese )

2024.1.31 Outline of World Uchinanchu Center (written in only Japanese )

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