Let’s experience Okinawan culture with your child! \Origami Online Course/

Let's experience Okinawan culture with your child!
\Origami Online Course/
Why don't you make "Shisa", the guardian god of Okinawa, with Japanese cultural "Origami"?

Monday, March 4, 09:00AM-11:00AM(JST)
Sunday, March 3, 05:00PM-07:00PM(MST)
*Please check the time difference a few days before the Origami Online Course.

■Place: ZOOM

■Program Contents:
・Origami making
・Exchanging, Yuntaku talking

Tsukayama Magaly
3rd generation Peruvian Okinawan and cultural director of the Peruvian Okinawa Association

■Number of participants:
10 pairs (children and their parents or guardians)
*Applications will close when the maximum number of participants is reached.

■Application Requirements:
Children between the ages of 5 and10, and their parents or guardians

■Participation Fee: Free

*Courses will be facilitated in English.
*Application Deadline: Sunday, February 25 *Japan time
*After you submit your application, we will send you an email regarding items you need to prepare.

Uchina Network Concierge [Higa/Kinjo]
TEL: 070-3801-8670

Organized by: Okinawa Prefectural Government
Commissioned project by Okinawa Prefecture:
“Project to Build a Foundation for Succession of the Uchina Network to the Next Generation”

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