\\Origami Online Event//

On March 4, we held an Origami Online Event for Uchinanchu children around the world.

Our guest lecturer was Ms. Tsukayama Magaly. She had conducted online events for children before. And she is also active in the Okinawa Kenjinkai in Peru.

The theme of origami was related to Okinawan culture, and we made a Shisa, the guardian deity of Okinawa.

The goal of the program was to expose the children to Okinawan culture, and to spark their interest in Okinawan culture, history, and identity. In the future, when the children become high school or university students, we hope that they will participate in the Uchina Junior Study Program or Kempi Program sponsored by Okinawa Prefecture.

Thanks to Ms. Magaly's kind and detailed explanations, the children were able to make wonderful shisas with their origami.

We look forward to working with Magaly again in the future to create programs for children to enjoy.

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